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The last half year I noticed a lot of hair in my brush, shower drain and pillow. There was a point where I was a little shocked how much hair I am loosing every day. I know it is normal up to a certain amount, but it was soo much that I was seriously worrying. It's super scary! I am taking Aviva now for a little longer than 2 months. Only after a few weeks the daily amount of hair I was loosing was drastically minimized. Especially in my front I have a lot of new hair growing. My hair feels thicker, stronger, just amazing!

“Baby hair is growing already after a short time after I started taking Aviva.”
“Especially in the front I have a lot more hair now than before. My hair feels thicker and stronger!”


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Crystal C

After a significant weight loss my hair felt limp and frail. It started shedding quickly and lost it's luster. I guess I was not eating right. I started to take supplements for my hair a while ago. I think I am not the only one who secretly wished to wake up and have the most beautiful hair, long and thick. But let's be honest, it'[...]
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I have been using hair vitamins/supplements for years now and have tried so many. Over the past years my hair has become brittle, dry and not growing. I have used this product for 10 weeks now and my hair is slowly growing but most of all- the oils are coming back and my hair looks and feels so much healthier which I have never gotten with any other hair [...]
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Before I started to take AVIVA I had very fine "fly away" hair. As an actress I take extra special care about my look, and needed to take action. My use of AVIVA has given my hair more body. My hair is so much more manageable. Even my hair stylist is astonished about my new hair structure.[...]
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