Aviva Advanced Hair Nutrition 3 Month Supply

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Build length and boost strength with Aviva all-natural hair nutrition.




Aviva Advanced Hair Nutrition supplements provide 18 essential nutrients that your hair needs to grow long and strong.


Clinically proven to increase hair growth, volume, thickness and softness with our exclusive dual complex of PentaPlex™ and TetraPlex™ that work with the natural hair growth cycle to restore hair health and reduce shedding. Made with an all-natural blend of premium hand picked botanical and nutraceutical ingredients to deliver the ultimate hair perk.




5,000 mcg of Biotin, Vitamin B-5, Folic Acid, Zinc, Iron Pumpkin Seed Oil, Selenium, Boron, Ashwagandha,Saw Palmetto Oil, Silica, Horsetail Extract, He Shou Wu Root, Long Peper Extract & MSM.


3 Month Supply, 180 softgels


Made in the USA, GMP-Certified Facility, Certified GMO Free

Aviva Advanced Hair Nutrition is easy to take. Take 1 softgel twice per day with food. Maximum of 2 softgels per day. Allow 3-6 months to experience maximum benefits.

See Supplement facts.


30 Day Money Back GuaranteeWe’re confident that our supplements, will allow you to have the beautiful hair you desire.

If you’re not satisfied with your Aviva purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price, less shipping and handling.



  • + Boosts Length
  • + Increases Shine
  • + Builds Strength
  • + Balances Hair Health
  • + Improves Texture
  • + Reduces Shedding
Aviva works with your natural hair growth cycle to help your hair to grow longer and stronger.
Happy hair is healthy hair. Aviva keeps your scalp rich with the vitamins it needs to keep hair healthy and encourage new growth.
Our studies show that hair loss will dramatically slow when Aviva supplements are part of your daily routine.
The nutrients provided by Aviva fortify hair against product buildup, sweat, and damaging environmental elements such as sun exposure.
Aviva will help to strengthen the new hair growth so that it breaks or sheds at a decreased rate.



Biotin, an essential B-vitamin, plays a key role in renewing hair follicles to thicken and strengthen hair. LEARN MORE


A vital mineral required for normal hair growth and health, improves the uptake of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. LEARN MORE

Folic Acid

Folic acid, or folate, aids in tissue growth and cell function, including skin, hair, nails and organs. LEARN MORE


Iron is the most essential mineral and important nutrient for our daily activities, as well as the proper growth of the body. LEARN MORE

L Tyrosine

Amino acids are the building blocks of all the proteins found in the body and hair. LEARN MORE

Saw Palmetto Berry

Saw palmetto berry prevents hair loss by blocking the formation of DHT. LEARN MORE

Silica from Bamboo

Bamboo extract is the richest known source of silica, an essential element for healthy skin and hair. LEARN MORE


Zinc is vital in activating growth and plays a crucial role in more than 300 enzymes in the human body. LEARN MORE


Chromium helps metabolize carbohydrates. It monitors blood sugar levels, and helps stabilize blood sugar. LEARN MORE


Contains compounds that can increase estrogen levels, stimulates collagen production and increases natural skin oils. LEARN MORE

Shou Wu Root

Widely used to restore hair pigmentation and fight signs of aging. It improves health, stamina, and immunity. LEARN MORE


This mineral is needed for the function of the thyroid gland, which produces the growth hormones for healthy hair. LEARN MORE

Horsetail Extract

Silica in horsetail promotes hair growth and may also be beneficial for those with hair loss, dandruff, and split ends. LEARN MORE

Phytosterol Blend

A diet with phytosterols lends anti-aging benefits to the skin and encourages cell renewal with collagen production. LEARN MORE

Long Pepper Extract

Indigenous to Northeastern and Southern India and Sri Lanka, this ingredient has been used to battle hair loss since ancient times. LEARN MORE


Methylsulfonylmethane is a sulfur-containing compound that helps the body produce collagen for strong bodies. LEARN MORE

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin seeds are loaded with nutrients including protein, omega-6 fatty acids, zinc and iron. LEARN MORE


Selenium strengthens hair follicles and promotes new hair eruption by making selenoproteins. Prevents hair loss. LEARN MORE

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 keeps skin healthy and provides key nourishment to hair follicles to promote growth. LEARN MORE


Crystal C
After a significant weight loss my hair felt limp and frail. It started shedding quickly and lost it's luster. I guess I was not eating right. I started to take supplements for my hair a while ago. I think I am not the only one who secretly wished to wake up and have the most beautiful hair, long and thick. But let's be honest, it's not really realistic. After a few disappointments I heard about Aviva. I was surprised at how easy these pills were to take. I normally hate taking even my vitamin but these don't have a smell and are smooth. I am taking Aviva for 6 months now. I am checking the amount of hair-fall daily and it feels less than normal so fingers crossed that it's not just what my mind wants to see. Also I feel my hair is growing faster, I have more hair growing not only in front, but all over my head. It feels thicker and is super shiny. I feel amazing when I run my fingers through my hair. Loving the freebie products as well!
I have been using hair vitamins/supplements for years now and have tried so many. Over the past years my hair has become brittle, dry and not growing. I have used this product for 10 weeks now and my hair is slowly growing but most of all- the oils are coming back and my hair looks and feels so much healthier which I have never gotten with any other hair supplement- all I got was stronger nails.
Judith Actress
Before I started to take AVIVA I had very fine "fly away" hair. As an actress I take extra special care about my look, and needed to take action. My use of AVIVA has given my hair more body. My hair is so much more manageable. Even my hair stylist is astonished about my new hair structure.
Wendy Model
Finally a product for hair loss that really works! Within 2 weeks of using this product I could wash my hair and not find an abundance of hair in the drain. Same thing with brushing it. Very few strands of hair in the brush. And an added bonus, regrowth around the hairline. I've tried so many products for hair fallout that disappointed me. This one really works. Also very easy to swallow and no side effects of taking on an empty stomach. I can't live without AVIVA!
Lauren C Real Estate Agent
I have been taking Aviva now for 4 months and I have seen great results. I was born with very fine, thin hair. I thought that there was nothing that I could do about it. I've tried all the thickening shampoos and other products out there that haven't worked. All you do is take 2 capsules of Aviva a day, and you're set. My part has filled in thicker, and I even have baby hair growth in the front of my scalp. I always felt like my forehead was big and now my hair has grown in more, so it doesn't look as big! My hair is stronger, and the new growth is all over. Even my hair stylist noticed a big difference. This is great for all different types of hair problems. I am so thankful for this product.<br />
Grace Gardener
I was so upset when I noticed that I am loosing handful of hair! It started somewhere in my sixties. I was increasingly insecure, worrying if I'll loose it all. No vitamin or hair supplement really stopped my hair loss until I found out about Aviva. I am taking Aviva for about 3 months now and I am absolutely amazed! I believe hair growth for every woman is now possible! It makes me feel great!