Advanced Hair Nutrition Ingredients


Aviva Advanced Hair Nutrition supplements provide 18 essential nutrients that your hair needs to grow long and strong. Clinically proven to increase hair growth, volume, thickness and softness with our exclusive dual complex of PentaPlex™ and TetraPlex™ that work with the natural hair growth cycle to restore hair health and reduce shedding. Made with an all-natural blend of premium hand picked botanical and nutraceutical ingredients to deliver the ultimate hair perk.


Folic Acid

Folic acid, or folate, aids in tissue growth and cell function, including skin, hair, nails and organs. LEARN MORE

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 keeps skin healthy and provides key nourishment to hair follicles to promote growth. LEARN MORE


Zinc is vital in activating growth and plays a crucial role in more than 300 enzymes in the human body. LEARN MORE


This mineral is needed for the function of the thyroid gland, which produces the growth hormones for healthy hair. LEARN MORE


Iron is the most essential mineral and important nutrient for our daily activities, as well as the proper growth of the body. LEARN MORE


Chromium helps metabolize carbohydrates. It monitors blood sugar levels, and helps stabilize blood sugar. LEARN MORE


Biotin, an essential B-vitamin, plays a key role in renewing hair follicles to thicken and strengthen hair. LEARN MORE

Long Pepper Extract

Indigenous to Northeastern and Southern India and Sri Lanka, this ingredient has been used to battle hair loss since ancient times. LEARN MORE


A vital mineral required for normal hair growth and health, improves the uptake of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. LEARN MORE


Selenium strengthens hair follicles and promotes new hair eruption by making selenoproteins. Prevents hair loss. LEARN MORE


A combination of fatty acids and plant-derived lipids
preserve a healthy environment for new growth.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin seeds are loaded with nutrients including protein, omega-6 fatty acids, zinc and iron. LEARN MORE

Phytosterol Blend

A diet with phytosterols lends anti-aging benefits to the skin and encourages cell renewal with collagen production. LEARN MORE

Silica from Bamboo

Bamboo extract is the richest known source of silica, an essential element for healthy skin and hair. LEARN MORE

Saw Palmetto Berry

Saw palmetto berry prevents hair loss by blocking the formation of DHT. LEARN MORE


Provides nutrients critical to hair follicle health and function.

Horsetail Extract

Silica in horsetail promotes hair growth and may also be beneficial for those with hair loss, dandruff, and split ends. LEARN MORE


Contains compounds that can increase estrogen levels, stimulates collagen production and increases natural skin oils. LEARN MORE


Methylsulfonylmethane is a sulfur-containing compound that helps the body produce collagen for strong bodies. LEARN MORE

Shou Wu Root

Widely used to restore hair pigmentation and fight signs of aging. It improves health, stamina, and immunity. LEARN MORE

L Tyrosine

Amino acids are the building blocks of all the proteins found in the body and hair. LEARN MORE