Iron for Hair Growth

Iron is the most essential mineral and  important nutrient for our daily activities, as well as the proper growth and  development of the human body. It helps  to activate vitamins in the B super group  and metabolize proteins, and also plays  a part in the production of hemoglobin  and red blood cells. Iron plays an essential  role in the nutrition and oxygenation of  the hair roots. Lack of iron can cause the  hair to become dull, thin or dry and can  contribute to hair fall.


+ Restores Hair Growth
+ Increases Energy

Healthy Hair Tip

If you mix some lean meat, fish, or poultry with beans or dark leafy greens at a meal, you can improve absorption of iron from vegetable sources up to three times. Foods rich in vitamin C also increase iron absorption.

Aviva Advantage

The recommended daily intake is 8 mg per day. Aviva contains 5 mg of bioavailable iron that is easier for absorption.