Hair Growth Formula

Build length and boost strength with Aviva all-natural hair nutrition. Aviva provides essential nutrients that your hair needs like biotin, vitamin B5, folic acid, iron, zinc and selenium, pumpkin seed oil, folic acid and vital botanicals. Our exclusive, scientifically designed and doctor recommended formulas are 100% drug free, fish free and gluten free.


Hand-picked botanical and nutraceutical ingredients coupled with exclusive Aviva complexes work with the natural hair growth cycle to provide the nutrients hair needs to boost strength, build length and restore balance.



– LEVEL 1: The active ingredients start to deliver essential daily nourishment to every hair follicle.


– LEVEL 2: Healthy hair starts from within – up to 6mm beneath the scalp’s surface. Aviva begins to work on healthy hair production – boosting strength.


– LEVEL 3: Baby hairs begin to emerge around the hairline. Thin, dull and wispy hair is nourished by the dual complex. Aviva starts building length, as hair shedding and breakage is reduced.


– LEVEL 4: Nourished hair emerges on the scalp faster. Hair appears stronger, thicker and more beautiful.


– LEVEL 5: Existing hair becomes healthier, stronger and more vibrant. The dual complexes work to rev-up Anagen and slowing down Catagen phase and decreasing the Telogen of the hair growth cycle.