Abe Indig


Why is networking such a powerful tool for new and aspiring business owners? Business is about people. It starts with an idea, and gets off the ground with networking. Whether you’re looking for customers and clients, help or information, it’s all much easier to achieve when you start connecting. In the old days, there were “clubs” where businessmen could socialize and talk shop. Nowadays, everyone has a start-up, and networking is the key to success! How can small business owners best utilize their time at networking events? Decide ahead of time who you want to meet.  Make a list and do some research. If you don’t know who’s going to be there, at least have a goal in mind of what you’d like to accomplish. Make yourself a priority list and remember sometimes the smallest connection can lead to big things. What are some of your networking tips for entrepreneurs? Gather your nerves, and show up! Showing up at an event, no matter how awkward you might feel, is the most important part. And check your stash of business cards—we’ve all reached into our bags at some point and found we’ve run out. Find something you have in common with people besides business. Sometimes swapping info on ski resorts or schools or the best dinning options can lead to a great business friendship. And don’t forget social media swap Twitter or Instagram handles. Remember, your not friends until your friends on Linked In! Stick with the winners. This old adage has a lot of truth in it. Once you feel you’ve accomplished the purpose of your conversation, or your interest is waning, knowing when and how to cut off talking to someone. The most important thing is to express is that you’ve enjoyed speaking with them, but that your available time has come to an end. Use verbal cues and body language as a tool to signal sign-off. Say “It was so nice connecting with you.” Was. Past tense. Always smile and give a firm handshake and don’t make up excuses because you feel guilty about leaving. (You shouldn’t.) Let the magic happen. Introduce yourself to the person behind you in the line for the bathroom, or next to you at the open bar. You never know when opportunity strikes! Be a good conversationalist. Don’t stop at “So, what do you do?” Dig further. “What would you do if you could do anything?” You’ll make a more meaningful connection. Offer to help the people you meet with their projects. It’s not all about you. And being generous often leads to future business and connections.



Abe is a seasoned professional with over 15 years experience in the cosmetics, beauty and naturals industry. Bringing excellent communication and organizational skills, strong sales and marketing acumen to Aviva. He is responsible for championing the business marketing strategies of the launch of new products, management of existing product portfolios, and operational implementation through viable and profitable promotional programs.