Kenn Israel

Aviva Director of
Product Innovation

Kenn Israel has been working with nutritional supplements, botanicals, and nutraceuticals industry for over 25 years. Israel is a seasoned professional in the product development and manufacturing space, he brings a passion for the transformative power of healthy living and supplementation.

Confident Beauty


Great hair is a result of good health and nutrition. Aviva helps you overcome the nutritional and metabolic obstacles between you and your best hair ever. AVIVA was designed to be a comprehensive nutritional support product for hair. The formulation rationale was to provide specific support to address optimal function of the many systems in the body that drive hair health. Nutritional Support for Stress – Long-term unhealthy stress is metabolically expressed in elevated cortisol. Botanical ingredients such as Ashwagandha and nutrients such as Zinc and Pantothenic acid support healthy adrenal gland function and have been associated with healthier levels of this stress hormone. Nutrition for Healthy Blood Glucose Levels – Chromium and Biotin support healthy insulin function. Impaired insulin function has been associated with reduced hair growth and hair loss. Nutrition for Healthy Metabolism – L-Tyrosine and Iodine are both supportive of healthy thyroid function. Low thyroid function has been closely correlated with thinning hair, hair loss, and reduced hair growth. Healthy Testosterone – Adequate testosterone drives many healthy functions in both men and women. A metabolite of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, has been associated with hair loss as well as other more serious issues. Botanical ingredients such as Saw Palmetto Berry Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Phytosterols, Selenium, Boron, and Zinc have a role in supporting both healthy testosterone and inhibiting its excessive conversion to unhealthy metabolites. Healthy Red Blood Cell Function and Circulation – Adequate oxygen delivery is critical for hair health, and anemia and reduced circulation is closely associated with hair loss and reduced growth rates. Iron, Folic Acid, Fo Ti and Long Pepper Extract support healthy hemoglobin creation and function, as well as increased circulation. Hair Growth Factors – Assuring optimal levels of key nutrients for hair growth such as Organic Sulfur (MSM), Silica from bioavailable sources such as Horsetail and Bamboo, Folic Acid, Biotin and Calcium Pantothenate (B-5) are all critical to hair growth. The synergies of active nutrient, botanical, and nutraceutical ingredients and the multisystem support provided by Aviva is unique and superior to other approaches. Only Aviva offers full-spectrum support in a bioavailable softgel formulation for hair growth and hair health.