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Dr. Gervaise Gerstner is a board-certified dermatologist with a passion for combining the inherent art of her practice with the latest technologies available to help people achieve the results they want. She treats men and women of all ages and enjoys the process of guiding patients from addressing their initial concerns to helping them maintain a lifelong commitment to optimal skin health. Dr. Gerstner treats international patients, including movie, television and Broadway celebrities, but always focuses on the individual attention every patient needs from her Manhattan office.

Treating Androgenetic Alopecia


There’s a life-changing beauty moment in the lives of many women that’s bigger than finding your first gray hair or fine line: the moment you discover your hair is thinning. While it’s often the only cosmetic problem men talk about as they lean toward middle age, it’s rarely considered a female problem—even though a Harvard Medical School report says that one-third of women will experience hair loss in their lifetime. So let’s talk about it.

First of all, what causes women to lose their hair? “Certain medications can cause hair loss: vitamin A, anticoagulants, hormones, and even antidepressants,” says Dr. Gervaise Gerstner, L’Oréal Paris Consulting Dermatologist and Aviva ambassador. “Additionally, environmental and artificial stressors like hair straightening and coloring can cause hair loss, as well as health issues such as thyroid problems, anemia and hormonal changes. But the issue is mostly hereditary. We call it androgenetic alopecia.” Dr. Gerstner says a series of tests can be conducted to get to the root of the problem, and that’s when you can start searching for a solution.

For increased hair growth, to reduce excess shedding and overall thicker, fuller and softer strands, I recommend my patients Aviva supplements, l have seen results on my patients as well as the clinical research, and how they effectively promote hair growth while reducing hair shedding and breakage. The Aviva supplements program revitalize the follicle at the root and provide all of the essential nutrients that hair needs to grow long and strong – a drug free and fish free solution for women and men. 

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