Drink Yourself Beautiful This Holiday

November 28, 2015

As wonderful as traditional green tea is for you, matcha green tea is even better. Why? With matcha, you’re ingesting the ground-up leaves, which makes it the mother of all antioxidant sources. (And by now you know those babies are essential for a youthful complexion, right?) Another bonus: The chlorophyll in matcha eliminates heavy metals from your system, which brightens skin and fights damage. Stir a teaspoon into six ounces of hot water, or order it as a latte instead of the usual from Starbucks.

This trendy broth is really just animal bones (usually chicken, turkey, or beef) simmered with water and vegetables. But for all its simplicity, bone broth is a rich source of glucosamine, chondroitin, and gelatin, all of which reduce inflammation. (So if you’re about to get a giant pimple, these anti-inflammatory agents can help make it not so giant. Or, best case scenario, they’ll prevent that sucker from erupting at all.) The real MVP here, though, is collagen. It’s the ultimate skin food. It improves skin elasticity and fights wrinkles.

Ginger works wonders in reducing bloat and relieving symptoms of indigestion. (And the health of your digestive system is often reflected in your skin, Lipman says.) Combine a few slices of ginger root with freshly squeezed lemon juice — a great detoxifier and skin brightener — for the perfect morning brew.

This fizzy, fermented tea is loaded with healthy bacteria, which is another way to promote healthy digestion. We’re loving GT’s Organic Raw Gingerade Kombucha.

Not a big salad eater? Get your greens in one fell swoop with a nutrient-dense juice. Raw green juice is often credited for glowing skin, healthy hair, clear eyes, and clean digestion. Stick with recipes that are mostly — if not all — vegetables so you don’t consume too much sugar. (In other words, go heavy on the celery, kale, spinach, cucumber, and parsley, and light on the apple.)

And if you don’t drink any of the above, at least drink this one. Water hydrates everything from our skin to our cells. Ideally, hydrate with water that has been treated to remove toxins and chemicals that exist in most tap water like chlorine and fluoride. 


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