Keep Your Hair Happy At The Beach

July 20, 2015

Who doesn’t love a hot day at the beach? But how do we enjoy the surf with the least damage to our strands?

1. Spray your hair with water mixed with a spoonful of coconut oil and conditioner before you soak up the sun. Your porous areas will soak it in, protecting delicate strands.

2. Make sure to use a hair product with UV protectant in it—especially if you color your hair. You don’t want the sun to fade all your hard work.

3. Put some love back into your salt-dried hair with a conditioning mask in your next shower (and then once a week after that). We love our Hair Rescue Masque that is oh-so-good at restoring our strands after the UV damage.

4. Don’t forget to hit your hair part with sunscreen. Your scalp is covered in skin, people—it can burn too!

5. Make sure to wear a hat – wide-brim one will definitely add a touch of elegance to your beach ootd.

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