The Ultimate Hair Schedule You Should Follow

June 3, 2015 We plan for a lot of things in our life. So why not follow a plan to achieve healthier hair? 1. SHAMPOO LESS

Start by washing every other day at first, and keep stretching it out with more days in between until your oils really start to weigh your hair down. Our hair experts also suggest using a gentle shampoo with minimal conditioner or not using conditioner at all. If it’s hard to comb out your hair then it’s fine to use conditioner, but put it on the tips only.


Deep-conditioning is essential but you only need to do one every four to five weeks. And, you don’t need to buy a fancy conditioning treatment either. Just put your favorite heavy-duty conditioner on your dry hair. Wrap your hair in a plastic bag to trap the heat, and then wrap a towel around the bag and your head. Give it a full half an hour to soak in before rinsing it out. (It takes about 30 minutes to penetrate the hair, so leaving it on longer won’t make that much more of a difference.)


If you have a shorter hairstyle like a pixie, bob, or lob, you’ll need to get a trim at least every six to eight weeks. But if you have a longer cut you can go 10 to 12 weeks, since you’ll likely just need to shape your layers for a bit of lift. But, if you start to notice splitting, schedule an appointment ASAP. If your hair does split, it can compromise your overall hair health.


Today’s lifestyle makes it very challenging to get all the necessary vitamins and nutrients from eating alone. You may notice your nails and hair are not growing as fast as they used to before. Adding a hair supplement just might be right thing for you to do. Aviva Advanced Nutrition provides 18 essential nutrients that your hair needs like Biotin, Vitamin B5, Folic Acid, Iron, Zinc, and Selenium, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Ashwagandha, Silica, and Horsetail. Our exclusive, All Natural formula is certified GMO Free, 100% drug free, fish free and gluten free. A blend of hand picked botanical and nutraceutical ingredients, our exclusive dual complex of PentaPlex and TetraPlex work with the natural hair growth cycle to provide the nutrients your hair needs to boost strength, build length and restore balance.


If you have more than 20 percent gray hair at the roots, you need a touch-up once a month.But if you have darker hair with more depth at the root, you could probably squeeze out six weeks at the most. If you’re just going in for highlights, we recommend going in every three months. If you go in too often, you’ll risk having your highlights placed too close together, which will look like a complete change of color.

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