What You Need To Know Before Going Short For Summer

May 13, 2015


The short cut has to do more with your state of mind than the shape of the face. The key here is finding the right style for YOU that makes you feel confident and hides the insecurities (if any). So, if you feel like your cheeks make your face look wide, or you don’t love your chin, you want your hair to fall above or below that spot, to pull the eye away.


As with face shape, there’s no hair texture that makes a cool-girl crop off-limits. You just have to choose a cut that works with what your momma gave you. With curly tresses, you can cut shorter pieces to take out some of the weight and let some curls pop out. But with straight hair, you only want to take out weight underneath. You want textured ends, not choppy layers. Make sure to watch out for how heavily textured your stylist makes the cut. Overapplication of a razor can leave fine hair looking fried, while thicker or wavier hair needs the boost from texturized ends to keep things from looking dull and blunt. Oh, and that trendy undercut you’ve been eying? Not for the fine of hair. Taking out that much weight can make your hair look insubstantial.


Getting a bad haircut sucks, but at least you can hide it in a braid. Getting a bad haircut when you have short hair? An endless sea of days staring into your mirror and whispering pleas for your hair to grow. The shorter you go, the fewer mistakes you can hide. Good short hair depends first and foremost on the cut—not the products, not the tools, not the way you style it. The cut is the foundation. Finding the right stylist is key, and it’s not just about finding a good stylist but one who’s good at the specific style you’re looking for. Even a men’s hair specialist may be a better option than someone who works with long hair all day.


The number-one rule for making a big change to your hair is don’t tell your stylist anything. Show them. Pictures are everything. Shaggy layers can mean something very different to different people, so make sure you’re armed with shots of your favorite celeb, Instagram snaps, and anything else you can get your hands on to make sure you’ve got clarity on your side. And don’t only show pictures of what you like, show pictures of styles you don’t like, too. That way your stylist can get a sense of what you don’t like, even if you can’t articulate what’s turning you off.


Beware what lies beneath. When you cut hair short, you’re going to be shocked at how different it is. You might reveal things about your hair you didn’t know you had, like a cowlick you didn’t have to contend with when you had long hair. The best way to combat rebellious hair? Don’t style your hair within an inch of its life before you show up at the salon. The better idea a stylist has of the directions (yes, there are more than one) that your hair grows naturally, the better she can compensate for it in the cut.


Like slipping into a sundress instead of your usual jeans, putting a little bit of effort into your short hair can give the impression that you spent lots of time prepping. But without a ponytail or topknot to fall back on, there’s no zero-maintenance option. You always have to do something, even if it’s a little mousse. Before you get a cut, talk to a stylist about how much effort will go into achieving the look you want, and consider how much mirror time you’re really willing to devote to your hair each morning.


Short hair can actually require more maintenance than long hair because you have to get it cut more often. To maintain the shape of your cut, as well as the color (the less hair you have, the more those roots will show!), you should plan on salon visits every four to six weeks.


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