5 Fruits & Vegetables for A Summer Metabolism Boost

May 27, 2015

Sick of hearing about foods you should be avoiding to achieve that perfect Summer look? Us too. Here are 5 foods that you SHOULD eat in order to boost your metabolism and nurture happy and healthy summer hair. With all the colorful, fresh farmers’ markets around, you won’t have to look far for this season’s plethora of delicious metabolism-boosting fruits and veggies.


  • Asparagus

Roasted, grilled, or stir-fried, this green veggie is packed with vitamins and nutrients that keep you healthy and vibrant. Asparagus is low in calories yet rich in Vitamins C and K and folates. And as a natural diuretic, Asparagus also helps your body rid itself of excess sodium!



  • Apricots

Pay a little more attention to these fuzzless peaches this season because they are a hidden source of iron. A deficiency in iron can slow your metabolism but eating a few fresh or dried apricots each day can help you easily catch up.



  • Dandelion Greens

We’ll admit we’ve been a bit wary of these greens, too, but there’s nothing to be scared of! Just by adding a few dandelion greens (not the ones found weeding up your garden) to a salad or smoothie can supply your body with Vitamins A and K! They improve digestion and help suppress appetite so your salad may keep you running for more than just an hour or two.


  • Broccolini

With over 500mg of calcium in a small bunch, this “small broccoli” is a huge aid to your body’s metabolism of fat! It has even more metabolism-boosting power than kale, so make sure to try this super food out this summer.


  • Blood Oranges

These ruby red oranges are packed with Vitamin C proved to help your body burn more fat during exercise sessions! Grab one of these beauties for a refreshing snack before the gym and watch the fat shed.

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