Pink Hair Don’t Care

April 8, 2015

For all the ladies with pastel-colored hair and just in time for Coachella, we are bringing you the ultimate “pink hair care” guide!

1. Brighten Up

If you need to brighten up in time for the festival or not sure if you want to go permanent, try Chi Chromashine Conditioning Intense Demi-Permanent Bold Color. It offers true versatility and rich color without the commitment. Also Manic Panic now makes a “pastelizer” which can be mixed with any of their colors to cut them down and make them read much softer on the hair. Their Virgin Snow toner can also be mixed with their color to dilute it.

3. Seal Your Shade

These types of semi-permanent dyes typically fade each time you shampoo, so our Aviva teamsuggests trying this old-school trick to make them more permanent: Rinse with equal parts vinegar and water after you’ve achieved your desired shade.

2. Be Color Safe

To prevent fade, the less you shampoo the better. At the most, wash hair every other day and use cold water and a sulfate-free color safe shampoo. We recommend Aviva Hydracreme Shampoo, which is suitable for all hair types and is safe for both colored and chemically treated hair. Packed with 11 botanical extracts, our formula eliminates all buildup without stripping your hair of the moisture it needs, leaving your locks nourished and your scalp soothed.

3. Mask Every Week

Pastel means blonde which can be dry and brittle. Give your tresses an extra booth every week with Aviva Keratin Renewal Masque. Infused with keratin and essential nutrients, this reconstructive hair masque repairs damage and restores elasticity while protecting from the drying effects of UV rays.

4. Invest In Dry Shampoo

If you’re worried about oily roots, use a dry shampoo in between washes. The dry shampoo absorbs excess oil, giving you a fresh look, but don’t go too heavy. Pastels work great with dry shampoos just like blondes do: You can’t even see it!

5. Nourish

Don’t forget to feed your skin, hair and nails inside out! Pink complements pink so try adding Aviva Hair Revitalizer to your daily regimen. It’s meant to stimulate your own natural hair growth cycle, enriching and enhancing the follicle, allowing it to produce stronger, thicker and beautiful, healthy looking hair.

P.S. If the whole pink hair trend is too much for you, then fake it! There are a ton of hair-chalk products on the market in a variety of pastel colors like mint, blush and lavender. Enjoy!

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