Is Your Workout Ruining Your Hair?

April 24, 2015

Shocking truth is that you could be doing some serious damage to your hair when you workout.

Our team at Aviva Hair is bringing you all the necessary tips to make sure you protect your tresses.


There are so many hair ties available now that are made specifically for working out that are gentler than your average elastic.  And the same goes for headbands. There are brands like Sweaty Bands, Bani Bands, Lululemon, Under Armour, and Save Your Do that make headbands in moisture-wicking fabrics so your roots don’t get so oily.


Many women experience breakage in the areas where they wear their ponytail regularly. The trick is to not tie your hair up in the same place on your head every day, which causes breakage over time. Alternate how your hair from workout to workout—a low ponytail, a fishtail braid, a high ponytail, a knot at the middle of the back of your head.


A lot of women wet their hair with water after the gym and then using conditioner to detangle. This is so bad for your hair. Not only are you spreading the salty sweat to your ends, but water also dries out your hair and oxidizes hair dye. Plus, conditioner is meant to go on clean hair. If it goes on dirty hair you’re going to get a build-up of the protein bonds found in conditioner, which can eventually cause the hair to dry out and start breaking. Basically if you’re going to get your hair wet, you might as well reach for the shampoo.


Dry shampoo is a great way to avoid looking like a grease pit, but the key is to apply it before you start sweating—not after. If your hair is drenched with sweat, no dry shampoo is strong enough to soak that up. Plus, many dry shampoos have a very high alcohol content. Mix that alcohol with sweat and it’s going to seriously dry out your hair.  (The same goes for beach sprays and texturizing sprays, which are also high in alcohol.)


If you worked out and won’t be washing your hair that night or that morning, make sure to brush you hair with a bristle brush like a Denman or Mason Pearson. Not only does it distribute the oils to the lengths of the hair, but it also breaks up any congestion you might have at the scalp.


If you enjoy your morning jog outside, make sure to use a UV protector on your hair. We recommend Aviva Anti-Frizz Keratin Renewal Serum. It will protect your strands from the UV lights and will keep them soft and shiny.

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