What To Feed Your Hair

February 3, 2015

Just take a look in your bathroom at all the various products you’ve invested in to keep your locks in pristine condition from serums to masks. But, all those things work from the outside in — not the other way around.

Many people forget that you can affect the health of your hair by intentionally improving your eating and intake habits, start the new year off right by starting a hair vitamin regimen like Aviva that provides 18 essential ingredients for hair growth and strength. Vitamin supplaments can fortify your strands from the inside out to gain moisture, retain length and boost your locks’ natural luster. Luckily, your taste buds will enjoy it too with some of our favorite recipes from our favorite Fork Knife Swoon Kitchen that will add strength and luster to your locks.

Kale & Spinach 

These powerhouse greens are high in vitamin C, vitamin K and calcium, they help to strengthen your hair. Plus, thanks to their high water content, they provide your hair with moisture and contribute to its overall appearance.

Try: Kale, Spinach and Goat Cheese Pasta

Sweet Potatoes

Rich in vitamin A, sweet potatoes are excellent for cell growth thanks to its high beta-carotene content. Without enough vitamin A, our locks can really become dried out and brittle.

Try: Loaded Baked Sweet Potatoes


Protein is an important component for hair growth because without enough protein for keratin strands become weaker and hair growth slows down immensely especially in cold winter months when protein is needed for energy (heat). Lentils are a great source of iron-rich protein and can assist in maintaining steady lengthening of your strange.

Try: Lemony Kale & White Bean Soup


There are countless DIY treatments that include avocado as an ingredient due to its amazing moisturizing properties, but you can do your hair a favor by doing more than just putting it on your hair. Devouring avocados is great for your hair, skin and nails because they’re loaded with vitamin E, vitamin C, B6 and other nutrients including antioxidants that protect and moisturize.

Try: Our Favorite Guacamole

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