Natural Remedies for Hair Growth

December 10, 2014

At Aviva, we are all about giving women the tools they need to get the long, healthy, luscious locks of their dreams. Whether you’re growing out an unfortunate haircut or just want to give your strands that special one-two punch that will really set the wheels in motion, we are here to help. After careful consideration, we’ve come up with our top five best bets for kicking your hair growth into high gear.

  1. Scalp massages – By taking time out of your day to gently massage your scalp for as little as 5-10 minutes you can actually stimulate growth by increasing the amount of blood flow to the head, which engages the hair follicles and “wakes them up” in a way, encouraging movement.
  2. Biotin – This B-complex vitamin supplement has been proven to fill the gaps in users’ nutrition, allowing for further hair growth to ensue. Since your strands are impacted by your diet, taking Biotin pills can help you avoid hair loss and instead enjoy longer, healthier locks in no time. Our very own Hair Nutrition softgels are made with Biotin, along with a host of other hair-healthy ingredients, both guaranteeing length and strength.
  3. Egg treatments – Globally revered for its efficacy, an egg treatment is an excellent choice for anyone looking to give their hair an extra boost. Rich in protein, your hair will soak up the nutrients it needs the most and feel truly replenished after just one use.
  4. Apple Cider Vinegar – The ingredients in apple cider vinegar are proven to restore and maintain a healthy pH balance in your hair, as well as stimulating the follicles. That combo is heavenly when it comes to restarting your hair growth in a major way.
  5. Jojoba Oil – It is composed of 98% monounsaturated fats and 2% saturated fats and can penetrate the hair follicle and strengthen hair fibers from the inside.  It is readily accepted by the scalp and does not mess with the scalp’s natural balance. This is because of its similar molecular structure to sebum (the scalp’s natural oil).

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