New Year, New Healthy Hair Countdown

December 26, 2014


Start daily acts of kindness to your hair. Drink 5 glasses of water, everyday. Add color to your diet by eating different kinds of fruits and salads. Substitute your cup of coffee with green tea. You may want to start nutritional supplements containing biotin, pantothenate and folic acid. Consider hair health treatments like scalp regeneration or biogenesis. They can give a new feel and life to your hair.


Winter has set in, the hair may be getting dryer now. Opt for a mild shampoo—preferably sulfate-free. Go in for a hair mask with keratin for the perfect moisture balance. Use it at least twice a week.Remember to continue feeding the hair right, continue the supplements and anti-oxidants that you have started. Go in for a hair health treatment if you haven’t done it yet. 


Re-check the health of your hair now. Check for split ends, you may want to consider a trim at this stage. If you are going to color your hair, do it now. The regimen that you have been following will make sure your hair withstand the damage well and the color sets in beautifully in your healthy locks.

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