Best Cuts for Fine Hair

December 10, 2014 With a few standard hair rules and cutting techniques, your fine hair can be on it’s way to voluminous styles in no time.

Stay Classic

Bobs never go out of style, and they’re an unequivocal yes for fine hair. The cut should be slightly angled, from short in back to longer in front. As for the overall length, if your face is round, try a collarbone-skimming cut. If it’s oval or heart-shaped, chin length is the best.

Make Medium-Length Hair Look Cool 

Ask your stylist for long layers all over and slightly choppy ends. Razors are an absolute no go because they fray the hair, making it thinner.

Proceed With Caution

If your hair reaches the band of your bra or below, ask your stylist to gradually layer the back, with the shortest layer hitting an inch or so below your shoulders. Each layer supports the last, so you get the thickness and height.

Go For Side Sweepers

Side-swept bangs look thick without taking too much hair away from the rest of your style.

Lighten Up

Permanent dyes rough up the hair’s cuticle, and that makes your hair look fuller. We recommend lightening up the base a shade or two and adding subtle highlights around the face. Avoid allover highlights, however, since they can make hair look stringy.

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