Winter Season Hair Tips

November 13, 2014 It’s that time of the year again, when we have to put away all the summer gear and whip out the sweaters and boots. The leaves are changing and it’s time to transition your hair from summer to fall. Whether it’s color or style, fall is a great time to switch it up! More often than not, we experience extra damage and breakage from summer styles and color. Whether it was lightening your locks, extra sun exposure, or chlorine build up from all the poolside fun, it’s time to give your hair a little seasonal TLC. If your hair is brittle and has damaged ends it might be time for a trim, especially if you don’t get regular trims. Cutting your hair prevents further breakage, so for a fall/winter change I recommend cutting long hair in to a long bob. It’s great because you can have a different look without going too short and it’s quicker to grow back out if you so choose. As the heat and humidity go it’s the perfect time to opt for the bangs you have thought about. You can do shorter bangs if you are feeling adventurous or a longer side swept bang that is easier to grow out. If going darker for the Fall and Winter months try the ombre that fades from dark to light. Low lights are also a great way to transform your summer hair. Check out some of these looks on Jessica Alba and Taylor Swift. Another great fall/winter look can be achieved with a shorter bob. The humidity of summer is gone which makes shorter styles easier to maintain. A sexy shorter style can get rid of those winter blues and looks great with hats! Combine with the side swept bang and you are ready for the holiday season.
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