Top 10 Beauty Bloggers in 2014

November 18, 2014  

Ask any beauty enthusiast and they’ll tell you that few things compare to the excitement of finding a new blog that they can really connect with. Luckily, these days the internet world is in no short supply of diverse, informative, and inspiring blogs from all across the globe. At Aviva, we make it our mission to stay up to date on the latest beauty-related trends and news, and follow a number of bloggers to never miss a beat. After careful consideration, we are excited to announce our list of the Top 10 Beauty Bloggers of 2014. Read on to get the scoop on each one of these special women, and be sure to check out their sites to learn more!

Lipstick Power & Paint

Created back in 2006 by Ellen, a Toronto-based beauty enthusiastic, this blog covers nails, scents, makeup, hair, skin, all sorts of how-to’s and tips,  along with fashion, fitness, health, gadgets, and food posts from a variety of different contributors. Since creating this blog, Ellen has been a Garnier spokesperson and Mac Cosmetics contributor, creating an eye shadow called Parisian Skies that sold out in just two days! To find out about the world’s best beauty products, visit her site to learn more.

The Makeup Girl

Lianne, a certified beauty expert, brought 25 years of makeup and skincare experience to the table when she started her blog back in 2006. TheMakeupGirl features a mix of product reviews, beauty news, lists of beauty favorites, men’s perspective pieces and videos, as well. Since its inception eight years ago, this blog has received over 75,000 visits monthly, making it one of the most long-lasting and beloved blogs on the web.

Beauty & Fashion Tech

If you are looking for news and reviews of beauty products, fashion accessories, makeup, and more, you’ve come to the right place. Carleen, an Illinois attorney, started this virtual passion project to create a pleasant diversion from her 9-5 job. Since then, her blog has grown into a reputable source for a number of subjects, ranging from diet and fitness, fashion and nails, to bath and body products and other lifestyle-related topics.

Kymberly Loc

Kim, the head of, created her website to spread the word on sustainable, natural beauty and skin care products. On top of these product features and reviews, she always covers health and fitness as well, along with daily fashion and style tips and inspiration. Visit her site to learn more about how to live a sustainable life, and get a glimpse into Kim’s favorite cleansers, face masks, acne treatments, and more.

The Makeup Blogger

Beauty expert, Christina Farrell, created TheMakeupBlogger to provide a light-hearted, honest perspective on celebrity-inspired looks, makeup tips, and beauty product reviews. Whether you need some last minute makeup tricks, professional makeup artist advice, and helpful tutorial videos, you can find everything you need at this one-stop beauty source.

Comme Coco

Haitian-born and Midwest-raised, Jen of CommeCoco brings a unique sensibility to her fashion and makeup posts. With a love of mixing and matching looks, she creates fashionable outfits that are unique, vibrant, and all her own. Whether you want to check out her personal style, catch up on Fashion Week, or get some dressing inspiration, you can find it all on her blog.

Huda Beauty

Award winning blogger Huda Kattan is a celebrity makeup artist from Dubai who has been blogging since 2010. With easy step-by-step tutorials, reports on the latest trends, informative product reviews and features like Drugstore Product of the Week, Huda’s blog is the ultimate source for all things beauty.

Beauty Crazed

Run by Lisamarie and Christelle, this Canadian beauty blog features makeup hauls, product reviews, life and love articles, health advice, and hairstyle tips too. Debating if you should use organic hair dye? Interested in improving your diet? Looking for a new book to read? You can find the answers to all these pressing questions when you visit BeautyCrazed.

My Finds Online

The woman behind MyFindsOnline is Amanda, who is constantly updating her blog with delicious recipes and a whole slew of makeup and beauty content. Whether you want some inspiration for your next beauty look or need some help coming up with a new dish for dinner, you can find both when you visit MyFinds. On top of recipes and makeup tips, you can also read up on home décor finds, Amanda’s ramblings, and check out her list of best recipe blogs and sites worth seeing for additional blogs to check out.

Hot Beauty Health

Native L.A. blogger Diana, lives and breathes beauty and fashion. Hot Beauty Health has been featured on BuzzFeed, The Beauty Department, the Daily Mail, and is the ultimate source for getting the scoop on the latest trends, learning more about the niftiest tips in the beauty world and picking up some cool DIY inspiration. Especially useful for this time of year, the blog features a gift guide to help you find the perfect present for a loved one.

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