Beauty Enhancing Thanksgiving Foods

November 26, 2014

Instead of feeling guilty give yourself a pat on the back for all the beautifying nutrients on your Thanksgiving plate.

Turkey: lots of lean protein

Beauty benefit: longer, stronger nails

Brussels sprouts: 1/5 of your daily vitamin C in every sprout

Beauty benefit: prevents wrinkles

Sweet potatoes: packed with anti-inflammatory vitamin A

Beauty benefit: clear complexion and shiny hair

Cranberry sauce: infection fighting proanthocyanidins

Beauty benefit: urinary tract health

Creamed spinach: calcium and a crazy amount of K

Beauty benefit: strong bones and firm skin

Green beans: a string of antioxidant vitamins

Beauty benefit: anti-aging

Mulled wine: key ingredient? alcohol!

Beauty benefit: a healthy heart

Pumpkin pie: the bright color comes from carotenoids

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