Top YouTube Beauty Gurus 2014

October 2, 2014

Ask any girl and she’ll tell you that few activities can compete with the fun of swapping beauty tips and doing makeovers with friends. These days, YouTube has made it possible to take that pastime to the next level by featuring tons of talented beauty gurus who regularly post videos of their shopping hauls, tutorials, and more. With its ease of use, accessibility, and enormous reach, this video-sharing site acts as the perfect platform for beauty gurus from all across the globe to spread the gospel on all things make-up related.

At Aviva, we are always looking to expand our knowledge and get inspiration from likeminded gurus; as of 2014, the virtual beauty space is positively teeming with a wide variety of vloggers who produce consistently compelling content on a regular basis. After careful consideration, the Aviva team has narrowed down our top picks.

Read on to check out our list of favorite beauty YouTubers below.

Claire Marshall

Claire Marshall Youtube
Age: 30
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Blogging Since: 2011
Channel: OhHaiClaire
Subscribers: 550,000
Learn how Claire creates her signature makeup look!

While most online beauty experts get a reputation for being overly girly and prissy, Claire Marshall manages to inject edginess to her blogs that you don’t often see otherwise. With sleeves of tattoos, a penchant for darker, rocker / tomboy clothing, sky-high heels and a perpetual smoky eye, Claire gives off a chic image and her beauty vlogs never feel cheesy or overwrought. Bonus: Cat-lovers will appreciate the frequent appearance of one special guest, Bruce, Claire’s feline friend.


estee youtube
Age: 24
Location: London, UK
Blogging Since: 2011
Channel: EssieButton
Subscribers: 677,000
Follow Estée along on her morning routine!
Estée, of EssieButton fame, is impossible not to like. Self-effacing, warm, friendly, and quirky, she makes you feel like you are sitting in her kitchen sharing a cup of tea with her. This Canadian transplant moved to England after falling in love with her then long-distance boyfriend, Aslan. Now, they live together in the UK with their Greyhound, Reggie. Featuring haul videos, monthly favorites, and beauty tutorials, she is organized, thorough, and an excellent source for all the info you need to make an educated purchase.

Fleur Bell

Fluer de Force Youtube
Age: 26
Location: England
Blogging Since: 2009
Channel: FleurDeForce
Subscribers: 1,150,000
Watch Fleur get made up for her wedding day!
Well-spoken and thoughtful, Fleur creates videos spanning beauty hauls, makeup tutorials, nail polish picks, fashion features, and personal footage of her husband and pups. The British blogger makes sure to always include close-ups of the products mentioned, so that viewers can get a good look at all the items and have no problems replicating her classic style.

Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid Nilsen Youtube
Age: 25
Location: California
Blogging Since: 2009
Channel: MissGlamorazzi
Subscribers: 3,000,000
Follow Ingrid around on a tour of her apartment!
With over two million subscribers, it’s no stretch to say that Ingrid Nilsen is a force to be reckoned with in the Youtube community. Bubbly, sweet, and approachable, she is always informative, without ever taking herself too seriously. By promoting the importance of confidence and not hiding her quirks or imperfections, Ingrid encourages her sizable following – a large portion of which is teenage girls – to feel good in the skin they are in.

Lisa Eldrige

Lisa Elridge Youtube
Age: 39
Location: London
Blogging Since: 2010
Channel: LisaElridgeDotCom
Subscribers: 1,000,000
If you love Alexa Chung, watch Lisa do her makeup!
Lisa Eldridge was the first big-time professional makeup artist to start creating and publishing Youtube tutorials. With over two decades of experience, she is a trusted source for beauty inspiration and has had experience working with some of today’s biggest names: Cate Blanchet, Demi Moore, Emma Watson, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, and more. As an esteemed figure in the beauty industry, her Youtube videos are not to be missed.

Meghan Rienks

Meghan Rienks Youtube
Age: 21
Location: California
Blogging Since: 2010
Channel: MeghanRosette
Subscribers: 1,100,000
Find out what’s inside Meghan’s purse!
If you’re looking for a Youtuber that is all personality, you’ve come to the right place. This budding actress makes all of her beauty videos funny and entertaining. The bubbly blonde embodies everything you’d expect in a California girl and she transfers that energy to her makeup tutorials, monthly favorites, and beauty chats. Tune in to check out her silly facial expressions, funny commentary, and carefully chosen beauty picks.

Rachel Talbott

Rachel Talbott Youtube
Age: 27
Location: California
Blogging Since: 2011
Channel: CheckInTheMirror
Subscribers: 350,000
Take a tour of Rachel’s closet!
Rachel started off as a skincare specialist for Clarisonic before being persuaded to start her own channel with beauty tips and useful information. As a singer and theatre performer, Rachel exuded plenty of charm and personality right from the get-go. After growing her subscribers and partnering with major companies like Disney and Nine West, Rachel’s channel has continued to expand and does not look like it’ll be slowing down anytime soon. With cameos from her chef husband Byron and her baby Oliver, viewers tune in not only to see her beauty looks, but to stay updated on her family life too.

Tanya Burr

Tanya Burr youtube
Age: 25
Location: Norwich
Blogging Since: 2009
Channel: Pixi2Woo
Subscribers: 2,500,000
Learn how to do your makeup like Lana del Rey!
Tanya first started creating makeup tutorials based on celebrity looks before moving on to doing beauty hauls, vlogs, and monthly favorites. With a mega following on all her social media channels, viewers can’t seem to get enough of her glamorous, on-point beauty content. This past January, Tanya launched a line of beauty products at the UK drugstore, Superdrug, called Tanya Burr Cosmetics, which was met with huge acclaim.

Tati Westbrook

Tati Westrbook Youtube
Age: 32
Location: California
Blogging Since: 2011
Channel: GlamLifeGuru
Subscribers: 460,000
Take a peek at Tati’s largest drugstore haul ever!
Tati, of GlamLifeGuru fame, has earned a reputation for consistently providing useful and interesting videos, five days a week. Whether it’s a product review, makeup tutorial, beauty hack, or fashion post, viewers can’t get enough of her warm on-camera presence, soft speaking voice, and informative videos. As of late, she has become an Allure insider, uploading videos to Allure Magazine’s channel. If you are looking for a girly, sparkly, glamorous outlet, you’ve come to the right place.

Zoe Sugg

Age: 24
Location: Brighton, United Kingdom
Blogging Since: 2009
Channel: Zoella280390
Subscribers: 6,100,000
Check out how to recreate Zoe’s hairstyles!
It’s no surprise that Zoe Sugg has one of the largest subscriber counts in the YouTube beauty world. Viewers can’t help but fall in love with her warm, wacky nature and look to emulate her trendsetting beauty looks. Whether it’s a vampy lip or crown braid, YouTubers wait with bated breath to see what Zoe will publish next. This month, Zoella unveiled a collection of bath and beauty products under the name Zoella Beauty and won the “UK Favourite Vlogger” award at the 2014 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. Both the UK and the US is equally smitten with this popular internet personality.

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