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August 12, 2014
Aviva Hair Revitalizer Cosmetic Chemist, Ron Robinson

If you’ve got lackluster locks, think about what you’re putting into your hair, in addition to what you’re putting on it. Enviable tresses require proper nutrients from the get-go—in other words, at the follicle. Here are essentials to include in your diet to grow the mane of your dreams.

It’s all about balance when it comes to good nutrition for healthy hair. “Hair is one of the fastest growing tissues and it makes significant nutritional demands,” says Ron Robinson, cosmetic chemist and product development consultant at Aviva Hair in New York. “A combination of B vitamins, proteins, amino acids, and complex carbohydrates is key for healthy hair.”

Good hair nutrition starts with good protein, which is the building block of your hair. Followed by complex carbohydrates and amino acids to help combine all of the elements and to kick-start growth. “Important vitamins and minerals like the B complex, which is associated with energy production and building good hair and restoring healthy glowing skin are vital to incorporate into your diet,” says Robinson.

Eggs – Eggs are a fundamental source of protein and amino acids needed for hair growth and strength.Amino acids, required by hair follicles to support new growth, should be present in your diet and can also be taken as a supplement. If you are lacking amino acids, it is more likely that your hair won’t produce enough hair fibers and will show signs of “thinning.” Hair is composed of 70 percent keratin protein, and eggs are rich in protein that helps hair rebuild, as well as Cysteine, the most important amino acid for hair. It is a powerful antioxidant and stimulant of new growth.

Citrus Fruits – Lemons, limes and grapefruit are high in Vitamin C, which plays a significant role in the creation of collagen and prevents oxidative damage, promoting a healthy hair and scalp. They’re also rich in hair-friendly antioxidants. And for an extra boost, lemon and avocado work magic together!

Rich in vitamin E, almonds can make your hair grow faster and thicker due to their high biotin content. They also stimulate the growth of capillaries, which increase circulation and thereby blood flow to the follicles, helping to grow your gorgeous mane.

Brown Rice – Protein needs complex carbohydrates to help provide energy for the building of strong hair. Brown rice is perfect at providing sustained energy and also packs B vitamins, which are needed for strong hair growth and maintenance.

Flax Seeds. A fantastic and fish-free source of omega-3 fatty acids and phytonutrients. Omega-3 nourish the hair follicles, making hair strong and healthy from the outset. It also increases the hair elasticity – which means less breakage. Try one to two tablespoons of ground organic flax seeds daily in smoothies.

B Vitamins Increase Hair Growth – Biotin (also known as Vitamin H) is part of the B complex group of vitamins, which increase circulation to the scalp, thereby promoting hair growth. It is best to take a supplement like Aviva that has a synergetic complex that supports follicle nutrition. Give your diet a boost, and help transform even the most lifeless strands into a fuller, more beautiful head of hair.

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