Popular Myths About Dark Hair Growth

July 14, 2014

Dark hair is inherently “different” from other types of hair.

Not true! At a very basic level, most types of hair are exactly the same. And all hair is “dead”—otherwise, it would hurt when you got it cut!—but Aviva’s products are able to help nourish your strands. You’ll see faster, thicker, and healthier hair follicles, regardless of your hair type.

Black Hair GrowthBlack hair is the strongest type of hair.

Actually, and this may be a surprise, black hair can be more susceptible to breakage than other types of hair. Over-brushing, which many believe encourages hair growth, can also lead to damage (especially if the hair has been relaxed). Moisturizing, gentle treatments, and health-boosting vitamins can all help prevent unwanted breakage!

My natural hair grows slowly, and it doesn’t grow long at all.

Everyone’s hair takes time to grow out, especially when they’re waiting for it to reach a particular length. Additionally, the naturally curlier pattern of black hair often makes it seem as if it is permanently short, or “stuck” at a particular length, when it’s actually coiled tight. Taking proper care of your hair will guarantee you reach the length you’re looking for.

Professional treatments are the best way to preserve black hair.

When you’re using a nourishing, revitalizing treatment at home, there’s no need to hit the salon! Your hair will grow, as long as you are taking care of it. Any combination of high-end, unique hair products, combined with the correct diet and proper treatment of hair, will help black hair stay thick, shiny, and luxuriously lengthy, which saves you from expensive, time-consuming trips to the salon.

Additionally, the overuse of heat styles can damage and weaken the protein bonds in black hair. Having hair chemically altered can be a healthier short-term solution to constantly straightening your luscious locks!

People don’t see a real difference when they use vitamins.

It’s all about the type of vitamin you choose! A run-of-the-mill prenatal vitamin can only do so much for hair, as its formula is designed to boost the health of skin and nails of pregnant women. Using a product created exclusively to enhance the strength and health of dark hair follicles will help ensure you see the results you crave – and often more quickly than you expected.

Regardless of your ethnicity, or natural type of hair, longer, stronger and fuller follicles can be yours with Aviva. The hair care company’s one-of-a-kind, vitamin-enriched products smooth, revitalize, and rejuvenate natural hair for men and women alike – learn more about Aviva by shopping online today!

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