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June 20, 2014 Achieving the latest beautiful red carpet looks at home takes a creative hand and long strong hair. Taking a supplement like Aviva Hair Revitalizer All Natural every day can help improve length, texture and shine of your locks. Containing all of the essential ingredients to nourish the hair follicle and promote healthy texture and new hair growth with a dual complex of Pentaplex HGF and Tetra HHL. Aviva will have your hair ready for these red carpet looks in no time!

Products needed for each updo: Warren Tricomi Flexible Hairspray, bobby pins, hair pins, Denman Flat Brush, tail comb, ponytail holder.

Leaving a ribbon of hair at the nape of your neck to wrap around your ponytail, wrap your ponytail holder around your hair once and then half way through on the second time, leaving the ends out.
Wrap the ribbon of hair and the excess hair from your ponytail around and insert bobby pins as you wrap around the base of your ponytail to secure the ribbon of hair. Spray hairspray around the pinned area.
Anchor each side of your bun on each side to the bottom sides of your ponytail with bobby pins and spray hairspray generously around the entire undo

Part your hair in to 3 sections. Make a low ponytail with the middle section.
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Give the hair in your ponytail a light tease with the flat brush and loosely twist and secure with bobby pins. Leave it messy!
Make loose french braids on each side and wrap around your messy ponytail securing with bobby pins at the base. Use the long end of your tail comb to loosen the braid and pull out tendrils of hair around the hairline. Spray with hairspray all over.

Part and clip a square section on the top of your head. Make very loose french braids on your side sections and secure with ponytail holders. Make a low ponytail with the middle section. Make twists until they form a figure 8 shape and secure with bobby pins at the base of the ponytail.
Tease the base of your top section with your flat brush.
Brush the front of the top section to smooth. Twist and roll the top section down to the top of your ponytail and secure with bobby pins
Wrap your loose braids around the ponytail loosely securing the braid with hair pins so they may be invisible. (around the ponytail use bobby pins as they are stronger). Spray with hairspray

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