Encourage Natural Hair Growth

May 22, 2014 Hair Growth VitaminsIt’s easy to opt for a dramatic haircut, but it is way harder to grow back your luscious locks once you’re over the impulse for a short haired look.

Sometimes our best intentions for a sharp new bob or pixie cut end in a seemingly endless battle to grow it long again. At Aviva, we specialize not just in hair loss prevention and rejuvenation, but hair health overall. Healthy hair will grow faster.

In addition to our products to enhance all natural hair growth, there are six natural methods to encourage the growth of strong, luxurious locks.

Here are six ways to help in the hair growth process:

  1. Less Stress: Don’t force your hair to do double duty while it’s trying to grow. Take some time off from your blow drying, straightening, and curling routine to reduce split ends, dryness, and other damage. That doesn’t mean you should just pull it back. Tight ponytails and buns are another stress factor which can hinder hair growth.
  2. Product Switch: Many conventional hair products contain petroleum-derived silicone. You might think you’re simply controlling frizz, but these chemicals are culprits which coat the hair shaft, seal out moisture, and clog follicles.
  3. Skip Shampoo: Many men and women make the mistake of washing their hair too frequently. Instead, wait at least a day or two between washes (or just skip the shampoo) so your scalp has a chance to produce natural oils which make for healthier hair.
  4. Trim it Up: Every two or three months, have about a quarter of an inch taken off your mane. While it might feel like backtracking, keeping your ends healthy will improve the overall health of your hair and even promote additional growth.
  5. Eat Right: Your hair needs protein, vitamins, and plenty of water to grow long and strong! Eating well is absolutely imperative when it comes to hair, which is a natural indicator of your general health. Hair growth vitamins from Aviva Hair provide you with the protein and nutrients you need for fast hair growth. Eating protein-rich foods like fish will also give you a dose of biotin, vitamin B, vitamin C, and folic acid.
  6. Deep Condition: Every week, choose a conditioning treatment like our Aviva Revitalization Hair Mask (coming soon!). Apply and leave for 15-30 minutes, giving your hair time to absorb that synergy of active, all-natural nutrients, botanicals, and nutraceuticals key to a revitalized hair follicle and a strong, healthy head of hair.
With these six steps and a little extra help from one of our all-natural hair care and hair growth products, you’ll have your long, shining hair back in no time. Just make sure to eat right and go easy on your scalp by following our low-maintenance advice. There’s no reason your hair should look anything but its absolute glowing best. For more tips on all-natural hair growth and hair health news, stay in touch with Aviva online!
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